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Markley® Compound 500


Heavy Cut – High-quality abrasive grit for versatile and efficient paint correction.


Heavy cut                      High-quality abrasive grit bigger than 100pm
Versatile                        Suitable for all types of coating
Easy to Clean up         Low dust and minimal workspace pollution
Standard Process        Step 02 + Step 03

Introducing our Heavy Cut abrasive compound, a game-changer in the world of paint correction. This high-quality formulation features abrasive grit larger than 100pm, making it a versatile solution suitable for all types of coating.

What sets our Heavy Cut apart is its exceptional ease of cleanup. Say goodbye to excessive dust and workspace pollution. We’ve engineered this compound to leave your workspace cleaner and more pleasant, allowing you to focus on achieving the perfect finish.

Heavy Cut isn’t just your average abrasive compound; it’s a standard process that combines Step 02 and Step 03 in one powerful product. Thanks to our exclusive super-micro abrasive technology, it excels at removing sanding marks as fine as 1200 grit or finer, leaving you with a best-in-class finish that’s sure to impress.

This compound is a must-have for tackling a range of imperfections, from scratches and defects to acid rain damage and severe swirls or holograms. It’s your go-to solution for achieving flawless paint correction, whether you’re a professional detailer or a dedicated car enthusiast.

Elevate your paint correction game with Heavy Cut, the choice for those who demand exceptional results and a cleaner workspace. Say hello to a finish that stands out and makes your vehicle shine like never before.


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