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Heavy Cut Foam Pad 5”Inch

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Markley Heavy Cut Foam Pad – Fast Scratch Removal & High Gloss Finish

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Introducing the Markley Heavy Cut Foam Pad, a powerhouse in the world of automotive detailing. This foam pad boasts a solid construction designed to tackle tough challenges with ease.

Are you dealing with deep scratches, overspray, 1200/1500# sanding disc marks, or heavy oxidation on your vehicle’s paint? Look no further. Our Heavy Cut Foam Pad is here to cut through these imperfections swiftly, delivering remarkable results.

What sets this foam pad apart is its ability to cut like a wool pad while leaving behind a high gloss finish. It’s versatile and suitable for scratch-resistant and high-solid ceramic paints. Whether you’re using a Dual Action or Rotary polisher, this foam pad is designed to excel.

Crafted with German durable long-life foam and a bevel edge, it ensures durability and longevity. The 5″ Foam Pads are perfectly sized to fit a 125mm backing plate, providing optimal coverage.

What makes our Heavy Cut Foam Pad even more impressive is its versatility. It’s compatible with both Rotary and DA (Dual Action) polishing machines. Plus, it offers several advantages:

  • Reduced polish splash for cleaner work.
  • Lower heat buildup for safer polishing.
  • Reduced vibration for smoother handling.
  • Exceptional resistance to high temperatures and water wash.

Pair it with your Markley, BLEU, or Rupes DA polisher for an unbeatable polishing experience. Elevate your detailing game with the Markley Heavy Cut Foam Pad, your trusted partner for achieving flawless finishes and pristine results.

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